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8/27/2019 8:53 PM

Come out and join us for some 🍦 this Saturday!!! #TheGardensTeam #Nalsteam

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  • Come out and join us for some 🍦 this Saturday!!! #TheGardensTeam #Nalsteam
  • We know you love the Gardens Team already but why not help us out with some GOOGLE reviews!! 💙
  • This year, there's even more chances to win in our 2019 Summer Photo & Video Contest. You'll have a chance to win the Grand Prize which is one month of FREE rent, OR you can be a winner in one of these 4 categories:
1️⃣ I Love My Family & Friends
2️⃣ I Love My Apartment Decor
3️⃣ I Love My Amenities
4️⃣ I Love My Neighborhood

Submit your pictures and videos by clicking the link in our bio.
  • “Temping ain’t easy😖. You mean I really have to work? I thought I just had to sit here and look cute?” #ourtemp #nals #thegardensteam
  • It’s Friday!!!!! #happyfriday #nals
  • Here's #summercleaningtip No. 3: Change your bedding to lightweight blankets for Summer! Even if it's only putting those top cozy blankets away.
  • Breakfast on the go! #nals #gardensteam #thegardensofeastcobb
  • It’s a beautiful day at The Gardens! 🌞 Photo submission by our amazing residents! #thegardensofeastcobb #thegardensteam #nals #nalsteam
  • Our 2019 Summer Photo & Video Contest starts now! Click the link in our bio and submit a photo or video per day for a chance to win one month of free rent! You have until August 9. Good Luck! For contest rules and for submitting click the link in our bio.
  • Are you an amateur photographer or videographer and live at our community? Well now you can show us what you got! For the fifth year in a row, we’re celebrating our communities and neighborhoods through photos and videos taken by YOU. And what's even better is the grand prize: One Month FREE RENT! Stay tuned for more details...
  • Here's #summercleaningtip No. 2: Dust shelves, blinds, vents, moldings, light fixtures 
We all know dusting gives surfaces a fresh clean look but it also improves your indoor air quality. What's your favorite tool to use when you're dusting? Comment 👇
  • #TourTuesday: Swipe to see the kitchen of your next home. All kitchens at The Gardens come with dishwasher, disposal and a refrigerator. No extra expenses and no hassles. Click the link in our bio to learn more about our community
  • Come out and join us this Saturday!!